Why Safety Matters in FRC

FIRST Robotics prides itself on its culture of safety and hopes to inspire all participants to embrace their vision and mission of establishing safety as a core value, and the framework of the build process. Both students and mentors should take responsibility of committing to safe behaviors. 

The FRC™ Safety Manual is a great resource to use to familiarize yourself with how to adopt their "culture of safety".

In the manual they outline a few basic set of rules that both students and mentors can follow to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. They include:

All Participants: 

 -Be familiar with the manual and follow the established requirements

 -Work in a safe and responsible manner

 -Use personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safeguards

 -Identify and report hazardous situations 

 -Encourage and inspire safety in everyone around you


 -Lead by example and practice the behavior you wish to see in the shop

 -Provide guidance in general safety, use of PPE, lifting and transporting the robot,  and identifying unsafe situations

 -Use safety engineering principles with the team to eliminate or minimize hazardous situations

 -Be aware of updated and current safety guidelines

 -Collect and store Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any chemicals used by the team and be aware of emergency procedures 

Below is a copy of our teams adapted safety manual

Created by Caleb W