The 2017 competition brings forth a whole new challenge; set back in time to the steam works era. We will embark on a quest with our valued teammates, to build up enough steam power to get our ships flying. In a match our two randomly selected teammates and ourselves must race the other team of three by effectively shooting fuel pellets into the top of an 8 ft. tall steam engine tower or dumping them into the bottom of the engine. It takes 120 fuel in the top to get enough steam to fly, or 360 fuel in the bottom works too. Another important aspect of this year's competition is the use and transportation of gears. On the main ship there are four rotors each one giving more points if you get enough gears to make them spin. With one gear already provided 12 more are needed to get all rotors spinning.

For more in depth information of this years competition you can view the full game manual, 

Official First Robotics Video

3D Model of this years field